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No lines? No contact? Yes, please!

Curbside pickup often leaves customers waiting in their car – and still involves face-to-face conversation with an associate. Apex retail lockers give them faster click & collect that not only reduces contact but also minimizes labor for your team.

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  • Convenient, contactless experience
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  • Optimizes associate workflow
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  • Grows digital cart size

Imagine smarter, more convenient pickup for BOPIS customers

Watch how our Smart Pickup Locker Solutions will give your BOPIS customers the fast, secure pickup that’ll bring them back more often.

37% online pickup order stat

Growing ecommerce sales at Rocky Mountain ATV

Watch as Trent Nelson of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC discusses how the company has been able to expand ecommerce sales by offering the convenient locker pickup that customers ask for.

Ebook: Four Ways Smart Pickup Lockers Grow Your Business

Take a closer look at how smart lockers redefine order pickup to make it fast, secure and efficient for customers and employees. You’ll discover how automation and data insights can make the customer’s last step in the digital journey one of their favorites.

4 Ways to Grow Guide-Retail

NextUp™ Smart Pickup Locker Series

Faster pickup, inside or out

Give customers convenient, no-wait order pickup. These versatile indoor/outdoor lockers accommodate both large and small ecommerce orders. And ApexIQ* software easily integrates with your existing platforms to provide seamless, actionable data insights.

NextUp™ Retail Pickup Lockers
30% BOPIS stat
1/3 in store pickup stat
77% pick up in store stat

Introducing NextUp™ Smart Pickup Lockers

With our new NextUp lockers, you can offer secure pickup indoors or outdoors, any time of day. See how they offer 24/7 access for customers, while they optimize labor and give you valuable data insights.

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How ApexIQ™ improves order pickup processes

Do you know what happens to your customer’s order once it’s set out for pickup? ApexIQ eliminates risky blind spots with new data that can provide answers at a single location or across your enterprise. Here are just a few things you can learn:


  • What time a specific order was completed
  • What time the order was picked up
  • Average order dwell times
  • Individual store or enterprise-wide performance

Built on the most secure, scalable and resilient technology available

Distributed ledger technology is extremely secure, and more efficient to customize. Since it’s embedded in each device, customers can still pick up even if the internet connection is briefly lost. And it helps create a digital chain of custody for every order.


  • Exceptional security
  • More flexibility
  • Guided or frictionless workflows
  • Quick integrations
  • Easy-to-use interfaces
  • Temporary Offline Failover
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Flexible integration options

Our lightweight, REST APIs make it easy to integrate your Apex locker solution with your ERP and e-commerce tech stack. This creates the most efficient operation and a more seamless customer experience. For those who choose a fully independent, stand-alone solution, we can provide your team with a simple tool that lets you create and manage orders, send notifications and more, from any mobile device.


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