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B2B ecommerce lockers, for 24/7 flexibility

With B2B ecommerce growing fast, your business needs a smarter way to manage order pickup. With Apex Smart Order Pickup Lockers, you can offer busy customers secure order pickup 24/7. At the same time, you optimize your back-of-house B2B ecommerce processes, and attract even more busy customers by giving them time back in their day.

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  • Gives customers fast, no-lines pickup
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  • Enhances your B2B ecommerce offering
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  • Sends customers text or email notifications
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  • Increases productivity of ecommerce staff
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  • Reduces lines at the service counter
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  • Provides new order pickup data and insights

They just order, pick up, and come back more often

Your customers appreciate that you’re helping them make the most of their time. Your business gets more efficiency and more convenience for walk-in customers. Meanwhile, your staff gets more time to provide the technical support and expertise your customers count on.

Wholesale Distribution Locker Order Pickup
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Order pickup on their schedule — even nights, weekends, and holidays

Your customers can’t predict what they’ll need or when they’ll need it. So be there for them with secure, after hours locker pickup. You’ll keep them coming back because they can get more done, and keep their customers happy.

Fast order dwell times help optimize your locker solution

Our Apex Cloud software has processed tens of thousands of ecommerce/will call orders, with average dwell times of about 3 hours. And 70% of those orders are picked up within 2 hours. That means you can utilize each locker compartment or cage several times in a typical day.

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The ROI of B2B order pickup lockers

Find out how easy it is to keep B2B ecommerce customers coming back by offering smart lockers for order pickup. It not only helps customers get more done, but it also helps you grow and optimize your own business.

B2B Ecommere Guide

Introducing NextUp™ Smart Pickup Lockers

With our new NextUp lockers, you can offer secure pickup indoors or outdoors, any time of day. See how they offer 24/7 access for customers, while they optimize labor and give you valuable data insights.

NextUp™ Smart Pickup Locker Series

Secure and efficient 24/7 order fulfillment

This versatile indoor/outdoor solution lets you offer secure, no-wait order pickup any time of day, while you optimize ecommerce labor. Its ApexIQ™ software easily integrates with your existing business platforms to complete your digital order chain of custody.

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CASE STUDY: loeb electric

Faster order pickup at loeb electric

Focusing on speed and productivity is driving new revenue at wholesale distributors like Loeb Electric. They chose an automated pickup locker solution from Apex to not only make it more convenient for their teams, but also faster for their customers. See what they learned, and why their customers like it so much.


Outdoor locker pickup, come rain or shine

These rugged Axcess 6800 pickup lockers love the great outdoors. And they give customers a secure way to pick up orders, even before or after regular store hours.

Axcess 6800 Customer Pickup
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How we make order pickup faster and smarter for everyone

Discover how you can optimize ecommerce labor and win loyal customers with secure, 24/7 order pickup. You’ll also shrink lines at the service desk and gain actionable data insights at every location.


Make order pickup a bigger opportunity

Our Intelligent Cage Solution lets you offer large and bulky orders for order pickup, too. It accommodates pallets and other large items that your customers often need..

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How to set up your program for success

Watch this video created by Distributor Corporation of New England (DCNE). It shows how they promote the benefits of their Apex Self-Service Equipment Pickup Cages, which they’ve placed on a secure loading dock.

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Apex Cloud software powers your digital transformation

Your Apex locker solution generates valuable data that you can view in Apex Cloud. You also get powerful tools to manage and customize the experience for both customers and associates. Apex Cloud helps you make the best use of your locker solution, while providing a clearer understanding of your customer’s journey.


  • Easy integration with popular text notification partners
  • SNS push notifications
  • Custom-branded text and/or email notifications
  • Standard reporting and BI tools
  • Ability to load large orders in up to 3 compartments
  • Customize order dwell time & automated lockdown
  • Order dwell time alerts 

Unlock better, data-based decisions

Our advanced software delivers new data insights that help you enhance your order pickup processes, and reveal opportunities for improvement and growth. It also provides easy tools for searching, viewing, and reporting those insights across your enterprise.


  • Order and pickup activity by days, weeks or months
  • The time it takes to deliver orders to lockers
  • Order dwell time, i.e. length of time order sits in the locker
  • Your busiest hours and day(s) for pickup
  • Number of orders picked up after-hours/weekends
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Flexible integration options

Our lightweight, REST APIs make it easy to integrate your Apex locker solution with your ERP and e-commerce tech stack. This creates the most efficient operation and a more seamless customer experience. For those who choose a fully independent, stand-alone solution, we can provide your team with a simple tool that lets you create and manage orders, send notifications and more, from any mobile device.

3 Technologies to Navigate the New Disruption

With distributors facing unprecedented disruption, what are the technologies they’re choosing to help them optimize labor efficiency and ensure excellent customer service?

Download this white paper for a closer look at how the industry is changing and discover technologies that can help you adapt and thrive.


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