Our value proposition is simple

Our solutions provide self-serve order pickup with no waiting, no confusion, and no contact. We help you give your customers a delightful pickup experience, where they get what they want in seconds. In the meantime, you’ll optimize labor, eliminate wasted steps, and speed transactions to achieve more throughput that you ever thought possible. And it’s all built on proven technology that can integrate wherever and however you need it to.

Say hello to the old kid on the block

Apex Order Pickup Solutions is a new company, but finding smart and efficient ways to do things is in our DNA. Our roots go back to Apex Supply Chain Technologies, whose founder patented the first industrial vending technology more than 25 years ago.

The leap to the consumer side

We introduced our first click & collect smart lockers in 2015, then rolled out similar technology for food order pickup soon after. As we gained more customers, we decided to create a separate business unit completely focused on their markets and needs.

Then, along came 2020

The pandemic has shaken up the world and made consumers rethink how they interact with restaurants, stores, entertainment, travel and more. Digital ordering has skyrocketed, and many businesses are scrambling to keep up. Now it’s even more obvious that businesses need self-serve order pickup options that are intelligent, fast, and contactless. At Apex, we’re proud to help make those handoffs more efficient and profitable, to help you handle whatever the future may throw your way.

Want to contribute to something great?

We’re looking for smart, curious people to help us chart new paths in self-serve technologies. Ready for a challenge?