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Transact Campus: Leading the Way to a Mobile-Centric Future

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As more C&U leaders work to give students the mobile services they want, read how Transact Campus and Apex make that transition smooth and efficient.
Equipment installation is just one part of food pickup locker implementation

Food Pickup Lockers: Equipment Installation is Just the Beginning

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Read why installing your food lockers is just the start of a successful pickup locker project, and why taking a broader look at your operation is equally important.
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Why Airport Travelers Are Hungry for Food Lockers

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Along with mobile ordering, several airports have also added Apex Smart Food Lockers to give customers order pickup in less than 10 seconds.
Solving Mobile Order Security at the University of South Carolina

Solving Mobile Order Security at the University of South Carolina

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Within weeks, the Apex food lockers were added at three Carolina Food Co. locations in the university’s Russel House student union: Einstein Bagels, Twisted Taco and Food Lab.
University of Arizona student picking up an Grubhub campus order

University of Arizona Gets Creative with Food Lockers

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See where they added lockers to make order pickup even more convenient.
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“Significant Savings”: How Malco Theatres Found a Labor Efficiency Blockbuster

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Apex Smart Food Lockers save employees time while guests enjoy convenient, 10-second order pickup.
Apex Order Pickup Kitchen Innovation Award 2024

New Spin on Food Lockers Solves Order Pickup Challenges, Recognized in the 20th Anniversary of Kitchen Innovations Awards

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Apex Order Pickup Solutions is proud to announce that its OrderHQ™ Exterior Smart Food Locker is a featured recipient of the 2024 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Awards from the National Restaurant Association.

Meet NextUp™ Smart Pickup Lockers: The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce Efficiency

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Our new NextUp™ Series of indoor/outdoor smart lockers and cages designed to provide efficient, frictionless ecommerce and digital order fulfillment.
Moblico Mobile App

Moblico and Apex Order Pickup Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

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The integration between Moblico and Apex Order Pickup allows distributors to send automated triggered notifications when an order is available for pickup via smart locker.
CBS Bahamas: Seamless Ecommerce Across the Islands

CBS Bahamas: Seamless Ecommerce Across the Islands

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Brent Burrows II talks with us about creating a one-stop shopping experience for home improvement and construction customers.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC: Revving Up Ecommerce Growth with Lockers

by | May 10, 2023 | Outside The Box,Retail | 0 Comments

Trent Nelson discusses how Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has been able to expand ecommerce sales with convenient locker pickup that customers ask for.

Building Friendly, Fluid Experiences on Campus

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Ben Anderson talks about how evolving foodservice technologies now help dining programs provide more fluid and seamless experiences.

Campus Dining Challenges? Here’s How Schools Solved Them With Food Lockers

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Amid Ongoing Labor Challenges, Operators Turn To Tech To Optimize The Order Hand-Off Process

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Considering Food Lockers? Here Are Four Questions To Ask

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