How Tech and Automation are Streamlining the Order Pickup Experience at Restaurants

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Apex CEO Mike Wills sat down with Amanda Venezia, Co-Founder and CFO of NxtGen Network, to talk about why so many restaurant brands are investing in technology and automation to improve the order pickup experience.
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5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Smart Lockers

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You've likely heard all the buzz about smart lockers. Here are five major considerations and subcomponents to help prepare for the best possible execution.
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How We Made Order Handoff Reliable When Internet Is Not

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What happens when internet is not reliable? Read about our OrderHQ™ Smart Food Lockers feature called Temporary Offline Failover that addresses the challenges of intermittent internet loss.
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University of Arizona Gets Creative with Food Lockers

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See where they added lockers to make order pickup even more convenient.
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“Significant Savings”: How Malco Theatres Found a Labor Efficiency Blockbuster

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Apex Smart Food Lockers save employees time while guests enjoy convenient, 10-second order pickup.

How Moblico Helps Distributors Build Strong Connections With Mobile

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Read how this unified messaging platform makes all the difference for distributors who want to build stronger, more valuable customer relationships.
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Moblico and Apex Order Pickup Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

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The integration between Moblico and Apex Order Pickup allows distributors to send automated triggered notifications when an order is available for pickup via smart locker.
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OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker: A Game Changer for Managing Off-Premises Orders

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Apex Order Pickup Solutions officially launches its OrderHQ™ Exterior Smart Food Locker at FSTec at booth #503 on the showroom floor at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.
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Flybuy and Apex Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide a Seamless Digital Locker Pickup Experience

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Read how our integration with Flybuy helps operators perfectly time order prep and loading into Apex lockers for better customer experiences.

Where Is My Burrito? Hangry Diners Vent Over Swiped To-Go Orders

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12 Tech Products That Should Be On Every Restaurateur’s Wishlist for 2023

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How Little Caesars Is Leveraging Tech Investment And Development To Gain A Foothold In The Pizza Wars

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