Equipment installation is just one part of food pickup locker implementation

Food Pickup Lockers: Equipment Installation is Just the Beginning

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Read why installing your food lockers is just the start of a successful pickup locker project, and why taking a broader look at your operation is equally important.
Long airport line

Why Airport Travelers Are Hungry for Food Lockers

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Along with mobile ordering, several airports have also added Apex Smart Food Lockers to give customers order pickup in less than 10 seconds.
Stolen Orders Blog

Stolen Orders: The Secret of the Foodservice Industry

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VP of Global Marketing Ashley McNamara discusses a problem many foodservice operators don’t want to talk about: the losses happening at the pickup shelf.
Solving Mobile Order Security at the University of South Carolina

Solving Mobile Order Security at the University of South Carolina

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Within weeks, the Apex food lockers were added at three Carolina Food Co. locations in the university’s Russel House student union: Einstein Bagels, Twisted Taco and Food Lab.
University of Arizona student picking up an Grubhub campus order

University of Arizona Gets Creative with Food Lockers

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See where they added lockers to make order pickup even more convenient.
Malco Theatres busy lobby

“Significant Savings”: How Malco Theatres Found a Labor Efficiency Blockbuster

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Apex Smart Food Lockers save employees time while guests enjoy convenient, 10-second order pickup.

Meet NextUp™ Smart Pickup Lockers: The Next Big Thing in Ecommerce Efficiency

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Our new NextUp™ Series of indoor/outdoor smart lockers and cages designed to provide efficient, frictionless ecommerce and digital order fulfillment.
Moblico Mobile App

Moblico and Apex Order Pickup Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership

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The integration between Moblico and Apex Order Pickup allows distributors to send automated triggered notifications when an order is available for pickup via smart locker.
OrderHQ™ Exterior

OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker: A Game Changer for Managing Off-Premises Orders

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Apex Order Pickup Solutions officially launches its OrderHQ™ Exterior Smart Food Locker at FSTec at booth #503 on the showroom floor at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas.
CBS Bahamas: Seamless Ecommerce Across the Islands

CBS Bahamas: Seamless Ecommerce Across the Islands

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Brent Burrows II talks with us about creating a one-stop shopping experience for home improvement and construction customers.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC: Revving Up Ecommerce Growth with Lockers

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Trent Nelson discusses how Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has been able to expand ecommerce sales with convenient locker pickup that customers ask for.

Building Friendly, Fluid Experiences on Campus

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Ben Anderson talks about how evolving foodservice technologies now help dining programs provide more fluid and seamless experiences.

Food lockers and technology help boost restaurant carryout sales

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Off-Premise Order “Shoplifting”: Why It Matters, And How To End It

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Hospitality Redefined: For Today’s Employees, It’s About Choices

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