Off-premises is the future. Are you ready?

The pandemic has changed lots of things, including how we think about on-campus dining. That’s why contactless foodservice lockers are the most sustainable strategy for the COVID-19 era and beyond. They’re fast, convenient, and there’s less risk for both your guests and your team. And here’s a bonus – they increase throughput so you can optimize peak hours.

Stopwatch - Our solutions save time
  • Minimizes touches and handling
  • Eliminates order mix-ups
  • Increases throughput and transactions
Stopwatch - Our solutions save time
  • Reduces lobby crowding
  • Provides real-time data and insights
  • Sends customers pickup notifications


No lines.
No contact.
No worries.

Make fast, contactless pickup the biggest win of their day. Apex smart food locker solutions help you keep orders secure while guests get in and out quickly.

sneak peak of Apex Smart Food Locker
Apex | Merco OrderHQ™ Smart Food Locker


Serve more guests,
faster and easier.

Our two-sided foodservice locker solution keeps to-go orders fresh while it streamlines employee workflows for higher throughput.


Make grab & go their
go-to choice

Busy guests want to make the most of their time. When they can skip the line and get their order in seconds, you’ll be their first choice every time.

sneak peak of Apex Smart Food Locker

— Christine Carlson, Senior Associate Director of Dining and Nutrition, University of Arizona —

Give Busy Employees No-Wait Order Pickup

OrderHQ™ Smart Food Lockers give corporate diners the amenity they really want — pickup in less than 10 seconds. Operators reduce labor costs and grow mobile order sales, too.


Two sides are better than one

The OrderHQ™ Flow-Thru locker has an open back so employees can load orders quickly, without interfering with guests who are picking up. Around front, your guests know their orders will be secure and ready when they arrive, and they can pick up in 10 seconds or less.

— Leadership Spotlight —

Three Ways OrderHQ™ Smart Food Lockers Help Operators

With the growth of off-premises takeout and delivery, efficient order pickup is now a top priority for foodservice operators. Apex Chief Growth Officer Mike Rizzo looks at three ways Apex automated food lockers improve order handoff and provide better pickup experiences for customers and delivery drivers.

The Value of Smart Pickup Lockers in the Modern Kitchen

When you set a takeout or delivery order on a counter for pickup, you’re left totally in the dark. No data, no visibility to what happens next. Apex CTO Ben Savage explains how smart food lockers open up all kinds of data insights that today’s foodservice operations desperately need.


Limited floor space? No problem

The OrderHQ™ Front-Load locker lets you manage off-premises orders when there’s no room to load from the back. Guests get quick pickup, while your team increases throughput and transactions.

Apex Order Pickup Solutions Flow-Thru


ApexIQ: Powering more intelligent order handoff

Order pickup just got a lot smarter. Apex OrderHQ food lockers are powered by ApexIQ software, the most powerful and secure in the industry. That means greater labor efficiency and higher throughput. More transactions during peak hours. And new data that helps you create delightful customer journeys.


A small-space genius

With the OrderHQ™ Countertop model, you can use your available counter space to give carryout customers and DSP drivers fast, contactless pickup. Meanwhile, your dine-in guests enjoy less crowding and congestion.

Make your operation smarter and more efficient

Get the real-time data you need to optimize order pickup with ApexIQ™. It shows “right-now” order details, compartment utilization, dwell times and more, so your managers can make adjustments as needed – right where they’ll have the biggest impact.