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Your ghost kitchen is built for speed. So are we.

With OrderHQ™ Smart Food Lockers, your ghost kitchen can fast-track order handoff and increase throughput, and always get the right order to the right person, at the right time. You also get actionable insights from ApexIQ™ software, so you can continually optimize at a single location or across multiple brands.

Stopwatch - Our solutions save time
  • Reduces order handoff labor
  • Provides contactless order pickup in <10 seconds
  • Increases throughput in peak hours
Stopwatch - Our solutions save time
  • Provides actionable data and insights
  • Customizable timer for order freshness alerts
  • Eliminates order mix-ups and loss

Get the right order to the right person, at the right time

Your team loads orders through the back of the compartments, and move on to the next order. Around front, delivery drivers and customers scan their code and pick up in less than 10 seconds. It’s a no-brainer!

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chef checking ApexIQ™

Data that shines a light on inefficiency

Our ApexIQ software shows order load times, dwell times, pickup times, and more. So you can weed out inefficiency, tweak slow processes, and create the super-efficient operation your ghost kitchen needs.

Keep delivery drivers moving fast

DSP drivers love knowing they can just scan a code and pick up the right order in less than 10 seconds. There’s no searching through bags and cups, or grabbing the wrong order. So customers get their orders faster than ever, and drivers squeeze in more orders — and more income — every day.

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OrderHQ Smart Food Lockers with ApexIQ software

They’re designed for efficiency so you can increase throughput. And our advanced ApexIQ software reveals actionable data insights make it easy to achieve new levels of profitability. How’s that for smart?

2022 State of the Restaurant Industry, National Restaurant Association
2022 State of the Restaurant Industry, National Restaurant Association
“Gen Z Report,” International Foodservice Manufacturers AssociationSeptember 2021

— Leadership Spotlight —

The Value of Smart Pickup Lockers in the Modern Kitchen

When you set an order on a counter for pickup, you get no data, and no visibility to what happens next. See how smart food lockers open up all kinds of data insights that today’s foodservice operations need.

Three Ways OrderHQ™ Smart Food Lockers Help Operators

With the growth of off-premises takeout and delivery, efficient order pickup is now a top priority for foodservice operators. Apex Chief Growth Officer Mike Rizzo looks at three ways Apex automated food lockers improve order handoff and provide better pickup experiences for customers and delivery drivers.

Brian Howenstein, COO, ClusterTruck

Brian Howenstein, COO, ClusterTruck —

Why our food lockers are ambient

ApexIQ software helps you optimize order pickup and reduce dwell times, so OrderHQ lockers don’t need the complexity or expense of heat or refrigeration. When integrated with your tech stack, you gain end-to-end data insights that help you improve order create-to-load times, while increasing throughput and minimizing wait times for guests. In fact, the average order spends less than 6 minutes in the locker, which means fresher food, and better guest experiences.


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Technology that’s built for speed

The OrderHQ Flow-Thru locker is an efficiency champ that lets you quickly load multiple orders from the back. Around front, DSP drivers and customers just scan their code, take their order, and are on their way in less than 10 seconds.


No-wait order pickup lands at DFW

Grabbing a bite between flights is quick and easy at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Terminal D. Watch as foodservice employees explain how it also saves them time and optimizes labor.

How Apex food lockers make ghost kitchens even smarter

Read why ghost kitchens are including Apex smart food lockers as a standard feature in their operation, and why integrating with their tech stack makes them even more efficient.


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Apex | Merco OrderHQ™ Smart Food Locker

Easy integrations for next-level efficiency

We have lots of tech integrations to make it easy to get started with Apex pickup lockers. Integration also creates a more unified  unify tech stack, so your solutions work together smoothly to automate manual tasks for employees. It also enables a continuous flow of data at these points along the order journey, providing new business insights of order handoff.