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Contactless restaurant pickup lockers. They’re just what the customer ordered.

The pandemic has changed habits as well as business models. Now off-premise sales are growing even faster, and they’re here to stay. So, optimize off-premise profitability while you give customers an engaging digital experience that feeds their appetite for convenience: contactless pickup, with no waiting and no lines.

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  • Provides fast, precisely timed order pickup
Teal No Contact Icon
  • Minimizes order handling
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  • Increases add-on sales and LTO adoption
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  • Streamlines labor and increases throughput
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  • Reduces lobby crowding and drive-thru lines
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  • Provides real-time data and insights

Power up digital sales

Digital orders are a huge opportunity, but customer pickup can be a challenge. Our smart, two-sided designs help grow add-on sales and reduce crowds in waiting areas and drive-thru lines. And with easy integrations to your existing tech stack, you can create quick, seamless employee workflows that run like clockwork.

Flow-Thru Customer Pickup
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See what’s happening. And know why it matters.

The ApexIQ™ platform makes it easy to get the most from your restaurant pickup lockers. It gives you visibility into new data that helps you reduce labor, improve your customer experience, and optimize your off-premises processes.

Creating the “wow factor” at Oomi Digital Kitchen

Hear how this popular ghost kitchen ensures a stellar experience at every step of the customer journey, including order pickup. Their Apex Smart Food Lockers give customers fast, frictionless pickup while employees enjoy an easy way to manage orders.


Offer no-wait pickup through an outside wall

The OrderHQ Exterior locker makes the walk-up window smart, secure, and efficient. Now guests can easily pick up without coming inside, and enjoy a seamless digital experience.

OrderHQ Exterior Customer Food Pick Up
70% online restaurant orders stat


Two sides are better than one

The OrderHQ Flow-Thru locker has an open back so employees can load orders quickly, without interfering with guests who are picking up. Around front, your guests know their orders will be secure and ready when they arrive, and they can pick up in 10 seconds or less.

Flow-Thru Floor Model

Discover OrderHQ Smart Food Lockers

See how you can give customers and delivery drivers secure, contactless order pickup in less than 10 seconds. OrderHQ Lockers help you optimize labor and throughput, while their powerful ApexIQ software provides data insights you can use to continually improve your order fulfillment processes and create delightful customer experiences.



Limited floor space? No problem

The OrderHQ Front-Load locker lets you manage off-premises orders when there’s no room to load from the back. Guests get quick pickup, while your team increases throughput and transactions.

Front-Load Floor Model
73% Labor Stat
65% Understaffed Stat
72% Takeout Stat


A small-space genius

With the OrderHQ Countertop model, you can use your available counter space to give carryout customers and DSP drivers fast, contactless pickup. Meanwhile, your dine-in guests enjoy less crowding and congestion.

Flow-Thru Countertop Model
20% Increase in Off-premises Orders Stat

Source: The NPD Group, November 2021

Apex Little Caesars Pizza Portal

How Little Caesars® and Apex developed a profit portal

Little Caesars® chose Apex to help develop their Pizza Portal™, giving customers no wait, no-line, no-contact order pickup. Watch to see how we quickly took their idea from concept to completion.


Your Data In Focus
ApexIQ Chart

A great experience is in the details

Get real-time information to improve every touchpoint with Apex IQ™. It shows “right-now” order details, compartment utilization, dwell times and more. That keeps managers in the know so they can make your customer experience seamless.