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Laying the groundwork for the best order pickup solutions

We’re not here just to sell you smart pickup lockers. We know that the best order pickup solutions start with in-depth discussions, clear goals, and a shared vision of what you want to accomplish.

Across dozens of markets and thousands of locations, Apex smart pickup solutions are helping customers keep orders secure with less labor. And their customers enjoy the fast, seamless experiences they love. We’re ready to help you achieve that, too.

First things first: The Apex process

Whether you’re managing food takeout and delivery orders, or ecommerce orders, our process is pretty much the same. We start by asking lots of questions. Then we establish a shared vision of what the goal is and how we’ll work together to reach it.


Getting to know you and understand your organization’s challenges, goals, processes, and preferences.

We start with a complimentary initial meeting where we get to know each other and see if our solution is a good fit for your organization. The conversations will then continue as we learn about your current processes and challenges, your goals for order pickup, your existing technologies, your purchasing process, and what other teams or departments will play a role. Using what we’ve discussed, we present a shared vision for your project that will guide both teams in bringing it to life.

Dig In

Based on a shared vision, both teams begin the prep work that goes into creating your ideal pickup solution.

Next, we create a comprehensive to-do list for how we’ll create your ideal order pickup solution. Then, we hit the ground running, moving on to steps like site evaluation, a review of your existing technology platforms, software integration, and coordinating with key players on your team as well as outside vendors. We’ll make sure everyone’s roles and responsibilities are clear so we can keep all the moving parts on track. And don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of help along the way from experts who’ve done this before.


Making sure your solution gets off to a great start with detailed planning, preparation, and training.

The day the truck rolls up and delivers your lockers, you just might get goosebumps! Within hours, they’ll be set up the way you planned and connected to power and Internet. Thanks to all the pre-work we’ve done, your launch day will go smoothly, but if there are any hiccups, we’re right there with you to figure it out. We’ll help with employee training, assist customers, and provide training documentation. We can also help you get the data and analytics you need to keep optimizing your solution now and in the future.


A range of a la carte services outside our standard process that can enhance projects at any phase of operation.

Apex offers many professional services that can elevate your digital order pickup solution, whether it’s in the planning stages or already in operation. With nearly 20 years’ experience implementing our solutions in all kinds of markets and environments, our team has the expertise to take your order pickup solution to the next level.

Take your project to the next level

Maybe you need help determining where to place your smart lockers. Maybe you have proprietary software that requires a custom integration. Or maybe you’re launching multiple locations at the same time and need extra hands on-deck. Chances are, our Elevate services are just what you need.

  • Site evaluation to aid in site selection
  • Onsite order volume analysis and optimization plan
  • Consulting with architectural teams
  • Consulting with construction teams
  • Custom tech integration workshop
  • Custom locker wrap designs
  • Extended onsite launch assistance
  • Creation of employee training materials such as videos, signage
  • Marketing materials such as promotional flyers, videos, signage
  • Extended onsite training before and/or after launch
  • Existing site optimization study
  • On-site study of expansion candidates for Apex solutions
factors infographic

Factors we consider for your digital order pickup solution

When we start designing your smart locker solution, we’ll look at many factors that can influence your choices. Some of these will play a larger role than others, depending on your specific goals.

Take the next step

We’d be happy to talk with you about how you can get started with fast, convenient order pickup. Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to answer any questions you have.

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