No lines? No contact? Yes, please!

Curbside pickup often leaves customers waiting in their car – and still involves face-to-face conversation with an associate. Apex retail lockers give them faster click & collect that not only reduces contact but also minimizes labor for your team.

Stopwatch - Our solutions save time

Convenient, contactless experience

Optimizes associate workflow

Grows digital
cart size

Don’t waste their time

Help your associates get more done with every step. Efficient order loading means they can quickly load orders in just seconds, then move on to the next.

SOURCE: Source: “Almost 70% of US consumers use BOPIS,” Business Insider, Feb 22, 2019

Keep them coming back with fast, do-it-yourself order pickup

Two-thirds of shoppers say they’re more likely to use BOPIS since the pandemic. Watch how Apex Order Pickup Solutions give them contactless, self-serve pickup, without waiting for curbside pickup.


The wait is over

The Axcess 6700 Series provides outstanding provides secure, reliable order pickup in seconds, so customers skip the line and enjoy their BOPIS experience. Fast, contactless pickup keeps customers coming back and grows additional in-store purchases. Here’s how to make it easy.


Think outside the curb

Curbside pickup isn’t just labor intensive, it’s slow. Give customers the speed they need with outdoor, self-serve pickup.

Be ready for retail’s “next normal”

As retail continues to flex and recreate itself, one thing is certain: To adapt their new demands, retailers must provide the options customer want, while optimizing their operations both in-store and behind-the-scenes.  Discover how intelligent, contactless click & collect solutions can help retailers adapt to what’s next.


Large orders? They’re a big deal.

Oversize items are a huge BOPIS opportunity. We’ll help you configure the ideal pickup solution for your product mix.

Now, once it’s
delivered, they
can pick it up

— Steve Roznowski, E-Commerce Manager, Carolina Panthers —

Apex Cloud powers your digital transformation

Your Apex locker solution generates valuable data that you can view in Apex Cloud. You also get powerful tools to manage and customize the experience for both customers and associates. Apex Cloud helps you make the best use of your locker solution, while providing a clearer understanding of your customer’s journey.

  • Easy integration with popular text notification partners
  • SNS push notifications
  • Custom-branded text and/or email notifications
  • Standard reporting and BI tools
  • Ability to load large orders in up to 3 compartments
  • Customize order dwell time & automated lockdown
  • Order dwell time alerts 

Unlock better, data-based decisions

Our advanced software delivers new data insights that help you enhance your will call processes, and reveal opportunities for improvement and growth. It also provides easy tools for searching, viewing, and reporting those insights across your enterprise.

  • Order and pickup activity by days, weeks or months
  • The time it takes to deliver orders to lockers
  • Order dwell time, i.e. length of time order sits in the locker
  • Your busiest hours and day(s) for pickup
  • Number of orders picked up after-hours/weekends


Flexible integration options

Our lightweight, REST APIs make it easy to integrate your Apex locker solution with your ERP and e-commerce tech stack. This creates the most efficient operation and a more seamless customer experience. For those who choose a fully independent, stand-alone solution, we can provide your team with a simple tool that lets you create and manage orders, send notifications and more, from any mobile device.


A smarter way to
manage smart devices

Keep your staff connected and productive with the devices they need. Give them self-serve access to scanners, mobile POS, tablets, headsets and more while you reduce repair and replacement costs. Visit Apex Supply Chain Technologies to learn more.