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Make order pickup smarter and faster for everyone

Now that so many people have discovered the convenience of online ordering, they’re looking for fast, contactless pickup to complete their journey. Apex smart order pickup solutions give them that experience, while you get 24/7 data visibility of each handoff so you can optimize labor and increase efficiency across your portfolio.

Discover OrderHQ™ Smart Food Lockers

See how you can give customers and delivery drivers secure, contactless order pickup in less than 10 seconds. OrderHQ Lockers help you optimize labor and throughput, while their powerful ApexIQ™ software provides data insights you can use to continually improve your order fulfillment processes and create delightful customer experiences.


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The streamlined, digital solution to a labor-intensive process

Off-premises sales can be even more profitable when order loading and pickup is smooth, efficient and fast. The OrderHQ Series can integrate with any existing technology systems through lightweight APIs. That helps you increase efficiency, simplify employee work and ensure customers get the right orders, every time.


Kitchen Innovation Award Featured Recipient OrderHQ™ Exterior


OrderHQ™ 107-108EX
Secure, exterior-rated design for outside order pickup
  • Installs in exterior wall for indoor order loading and outside pickup
  • Patent-pending design ensure secure, ambient order holding
  • Opaque black doors in front, semi-transparent doors in back
  • Provides a seamless experience while reducing lobby crowding
OrderHQ Flow-Thru Floor Model Specs


OrderHQ™ 107-108FT
Efficient design increases off-premise profits
  • No-wait, contactless pickup for takeout and delivery
  • Optimizes throughput to make the most of peak hours
  • Custom configurations for your order volume and velocity
  • Real-time data visibility of each order
OrderHQ Flow-Thru Countertop Model Specs


OrderHQ™ 103-104FT
A compact solution for fast, contactless pickup
  • Associates load orders in back,
    customers pick up in front
  • Manage order pickups with data visibility
  • Optimizes order fulfillment and labor efficiency
  • Custom configurations for your space, menu and traffic patterns
OrderHQ Front Load Model Specs


OrderHQ™ 107-108FL
A space-saving solution where rear access is limited
  • Increases throughput in a compact footprint
  • Optimizes productivity and labor efficiency
  • Data visibility improves order delivery experience
  • Custom configurations for your order volume and velocity

Introducing NextUp™ Smart Pickup Lockers

With our new NextUp lockers, you can offer secure pickup indoors or outdoors, any time of day. See how they offer 24/7 access for customers, while they optimize labor and give you valuable data insights.

B2B Ecommerce order pickup


Give them what they want, when they want it

Apex locker solutions give B2B and retail customers the fast, contactless order pickup they want. They’re powered by Apex Cloud software, with data that helps you optimize associate labor and provide a seamless digital journey.

Elevate order pickup for busy customers
  • Creates a fast, fully digital experience
  • Enables self-serve pickup even after hours
  • Provides actionable data insights
  • Optimizes order fulfillment labor
  • Integrates with ecommerce and mobile technologies
  • Reduces lines at your service counter
NextUp Locker Specs


NextUp™ Locker Series
Fast, frictionless pickup indoors or out
  • Multi-sized compartments for ecommerce versatility
  • New, extra-large compartments for oversized items
  • Employee order loading guide optimizes efficiency
  • Optional lighting kit enhances nighttime pickups
NextUp Cage


NextUp™ Cage Series
Secure, outdoor convenience for extra-large orders
  • Ideal for equipment, pallets and large, multi-item orders
  • Provides after hours and weekend pickup options
  • Control up to 6 cages with NextUp Main Locker
  • Use 3- and 5-foot extension kits to increase capacity
Axcess 6800 Locker Specs


Axcess™ 6800 Series
Indoor/outdoor solution for 24/7 pickup
  • Five compartment sizes and multiple configurations
  • IP24 rated for rain, moisture and particle infiltration
  • Data visibility of order delivery and pickup times
  • Operates in temperatures from -10° F/-23° C to 110° F/43° C
ICS 1000 Series Cage Specs


ICS™ 1000 Series
Secure, self-serve pickup for large and bulky orders
  • Ideal for multiple-item orders, rentals and more
  • Up to four secure areas (with doors) per interface
  • 24/7 order delivery and pickup data
  • Pair with AXCESS 6800 Lockers to manage smaller orders