Make order pickup smarter and faster for everyone

Now that so many people have discovered the convenience of online ordering, they’re looking for fast, contactless pickup to complete their journey. Apex smart order pickup solutions give them that experience, while providing you with 24/7 visibility of that handoff so you can optimize labor and increase efficiency behind the scenes.

Food Order Pickup Solutions

Off-premises sales can be even more profitable when order loading and pickup is smooth, efficient and easy. Our smart solutions ensure every customer gets the right order, every time, and makes the associate task as easy as load and repeat.


Flow-Thru 10,000.H Series
A compact solution for fast, contactless pickup

  • Associates load orders in back,
    customers pick up in front
  • Manage order pickups with data visibility
  • Optimizes order fulfillment and labor efficiency
  • Custom configurations for your space, menu and traffic patterns


Flow-Thru 10,000.V Series
Efficient design increases off-premise profits

  • No-wait, contactless pickup for takeout and delivery
  • Optimizes throughput to make the most of peak hours
  • Custom configurations for your order volume and velocity
  • Real-time data visibility of each order


Flow-Thru 10,000.F Series
A space-saving solution where rear access is limited

  • Increases throughput in a compact footprint
  • Optimizes productivity and labor efficiency
  • Data visibility improves order delivery experience
  • Custom configurations for your order volume and velocity

Click & Collect/Will Call Solutions

Apex locker solutions give customers the fast, contactless experience they want. They help you optimize associate labor and provide data visibility of each order, while ensuring a seamless digital journey for your customers.


 Axcess™ 6800 Series
Indoor/outdoor solution for 24/7 pickup

  • Five compartment sizes and multiple configurations
  • IP24 rated for rain, moisture and particle infiltration
  • Data visibility of order delivery and pickup times
  • Operates in temperatures from -10° F/-23° C to 110° F/43° C


ICS™ 1000 Series
Secure, self-serve pickup for large and bulky orders

  • Ideal for multiple-item orders, rentals and more
  • Up to four secure areas (with doors) per interface
  • 24/7 order delivery and pickup data
  • Pair with AXCESS 6700 Lockers to manage smaller orders

Create greater efficiency
behind the scenes

Discover the power of Apex efficiencies across all areas of your operation. Explore our solutions that manage key mobile assets, IT devices, tools and more at Apex Supply Chain Solutions.