Apex | Merco OrderHQ™ Smart Food Locker


A smarter take on order pickup

Customers and drivers get secure, contactless order pickup in less than 10 seconds. Employees get more done with less work. And you get ApexIQ™ data insights to optimize order fulfillment and complete the digital order chain of custody.

OrderHQ™ Lockers

Get a quick look at all four models in the OrderHQ series. They redefine the customer pickup experience and give you more ways to create a smart, efficient solution for any location.


OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Lockers

We made the walk-up window smart, secure, and efficient! Now customers and delivery drivers can easily pick up without coming inside, so your lobby stays less crowded!

sneak peak of Apex Smart Food Locker
Apex | Merco OrderHQ™ Smart Food Locker


Introducing NextUp™ Smart Pickup Lockers

Our new NextUp lockers let you offer secure order pickup, inside or outside, any time of day. That means convenient, 24/7 access for your customers, while you optimize labor and use data insights to optimize every step of the process.

Get a clear understanding with ApexIQ software

Now you can see insights on the entire digital order journey — including the customer or delivery driver pickup. ApexIQ helps you optimize labor and enhance the customer experience, too.