New Spin on Food Lockers Solves Order Pickup Challenges, Recognized in the 20th Anniversary of Kitchen Innovations Awards

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Press Releases, Restaurant

Apex Order Pickup Kitchen Innovation Award 2024

Mason, Ohio (February 22, 2024) – Apex Order Pickup Solutions is proud to announce that its OrderHQ™ Exterior Smart Food Locker is a featured recipient of the 2024 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Awards from the National Restaurant Association. This award celebrates cutting-edge technology that not only revolutionizes the foodservice industry, but also streamlines operations and enhances customer experiences.

The OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker solution moves takeout and delivery order pickup outside, reducing crowding and lines inside while offering an automated alternative to curbside. Employees simply load the completed order into the locker solution from inside the kitchen, while customers and delivery driver’s pickup outside the restaurant.

The judges noted that, “There was obvious thought put into the weatherproofing, security features, and patent-pending circulation system of the OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker to maintain an ambient temperature, regardless of what’s going on outside.”

Designed to redefine the takeout experience, the OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker provides convenience and efficiency for third-party delivery drivers, takeout customers and staff alike. Guests can quickly retrieve their orders by simply scanning a code, bypassing drive-thru lines and avoid crowding in the store. Rather than orders being placed on a shelf where they can be mistakenly picked up by the wrong person, this solution only will give the order to the correct customer or delivery driver.

This innovative solution not only saves time for customers but also optimizes employee labor and increases order throughput during peak hours. With the help of ApexIQ™ software and data, businesses can empower their operations for profitability while meeting customers’ demands for faster service.

By integrating with their existing software systems, businesses can gain visibility into the full order fulfilment process, including the final step of pickup.

“With the OrderHQ Exterior Smart Food Locker Solution, our goal is to elevate the customer journey all while simultaneously improving operational and labor challenges for restaurants”, says Kent Savage, founder and CEO of Apex. “Being honored as a KI Awardee demonstrates that, Apex Order Pickup Solutions is at the forefront of revolutionizing the foodservice industry for both businesses and their customers.”

The KI Awardees, granted by a panel of third–party experts, will be showcased in the KI Showroom at the annual National Restaurant Association Show from May 18–21 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. You can also see the OrderHQ Exterior Locker solution at Apex booth 5839.