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Campus dining food lockers are fast, contactless — and fun

Our OrderHQ™ smart food lockers streamline order pickup and minimize labor needs. The ApexIQ™ software quickly integrates with your foodservice tech stack to give guests a complete digital journey and provide valuable data insights. From campus dining halls to student unions and retail locations, OrderHQ lockers help keep students on campus and on schedule — not waiting in line.

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  • Provides contactless order pickup in <10 seconds
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  • Optimizes labor with new data insights
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  • Increases throughput during peak hours
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  • Reduces dine-in lines and congestion

The industry’s smartest, most versatile food lockers

Our exclusive ApexIQ software gives you new insights into your order handoff/pickup processes, so you can improve service and efficiency. It easily integrates with mobile apps and your kitchen tech stack to create a seamless digital experience.

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Food locker pickup: The finish line of a great digital journey

Digital consumers expect speed and convenience at every step. They want mobile ordering and payment. They want to know precisely when their order is ready. And they don’t want to wait in line. Apex food lockers give your campus dining program the added convenience that that turns customers into regulars.

Optimize labor efficiency with our quick, scan-and-load process

Make your employees’ work more efficient so they get more done every day. Apex food lockers make it easy to manage mobile orders, with a quick, scan-and-load process that doesn’t need follow-up.


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A how-to guide for seamless digital dining

Each month we’ll explore different topics explaining how dozens of C&U campuses provide seamless digital dining while they optimize labor using Grubhub mobile ordering and Apex Smart Food Lockers. Keep an eye out for the next Digital Dining Playbook webinar — more information coming soon!


Apex x Grubhub Webinar Series
40% consumers frustrated stat
76% consumers will leave stat
74% staffing shortages stat


Keeping orders secure at University of South Carolina

Watch how the University of South Carolina and Carolina Food Co. make mobile orders both secure and convenient for busy students. Their Apex Smart Food Lockers complete a digital chain of custody to ensure that the right order goes to the right person, at the right time—with pickup in less than 10 seconds!


Order. Pickup. Repeat.

The OrderHQ Flow-Thru locker lets employees efficiently load multiple orders in back with no interruptions. Then customers can come in, grab their order, and be on their way in seconds. It’s an experience that brings them back for more.

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7 Reasons College Dining Programs Love Smart Food Lockers

Take a closer look at how top C&U dining programs are using Apex Smart Food Lockers to give students fast, digital-only experiences, while solving real-world challenges across many campus settings.

Apex Order Pickup Solutions University EBook
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Fast, secure order pickup: Why they love it

Hear from students, staff and dining leaders who love knowing that food orders stay secure and they’re easy to pick up in less than 10 seconds


Limited floor space? We got you!

These OrderHQ™ Front-Load lockers let employees load orders at the front, so all you need is open wall space to provide fast, self-serve order pickup.

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Why our food lockers are ambient

ApexIQ software helps you optimize order pickup and reduce dwell times, so OrderHQ lockers don’t need the complexity or expense of heat or refrigeration. When integrated with your tech stack, you gain end-to-end data insights that help you improve order create-to-load times, while increasing throughput and minimizing wait times for guests. In fact, the average order spends less than 6 minutes in the locker, which means fresher food, and better guest experiences.


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A great experience is in the details

Get real-time information to improve every touchpoint with ApexIQ™. It shows “right-now” order details, compartment utilization, dwell times and more. That keeps managers in the know so they can make your customer experience seamless.