Apex Redefines Mobile Order and Pay Programs With Flow-Thru Lockers

by | May 20, 2017 | Press Releases, Restaurant

Apex Redefines Mobile Order and Pay Programs With Flow-Thru Lockers

Game-Changing Technology Eliminates Order Pick-Up Issues

CHICAGO, May 20, 2017 — Apex Supply Chain Technologies® is taking mobile order and pay programs to the next level with its Flow-Thru™ Lockers.

AnyWhere Flow-Thru Lockers
Apex Flow-Thru Lockers

This automated, self-serve solution makes order pick-up as frictionless as the order and pay process. It is on display at the 2017 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, in booth 3891, through May 23rd.

By the end of 2017, research predicts mobile order and pay programs will be available at more than 50 percent of QSR locations across North America. This explosive growth has created an array of line-related issues that are frustrating QSRs as much as their customers. The most prominent examples of these issues show how one QSR is redoubling efforts to fix its mobile order and pay program to reverse a directly-related sales decline.

Mobile Order Pick-up Mayhem

Order pick-up is at the center of these issues. A dramatic increase in sales across all categories shows customers love the convenience of ordering and paying through a mobile app. However, most QSRs have not updated their operations or employee workflow to handle additional orders. As a result, mobile order pick-up service is inefficient, requiring multiple employee touches. And mobile order customers are often unsure of how to pick up their orders. Combined with in-store customer traffic, it all leads to congestion and line anxiety. And potential customers may avoid the store altogether upon noticing the line.

“No mobile order and pay program has addressed order pick-up effectively until now. Our solution is the first of its kind to provide a convenient, automated way to efficiently handle the additional traffic from mobile order and pay apps in a way that doesn’t create more work for employees or frustration for customers.”

says Kent Savage, founder & CEO of Apex Supply Chain Technologies.

Smart Solutions Eliminate Mobile Order Pick-Up Friction

The Flow-Thru Locker is designed to eliminate the need for employees to interact with mobile order customers, giving them more time to assist in-store customers. It offers employees rear-loading access and an easy-to-use order bump bar and status monitor to process orders fast and efficiently. The lockers are available in standalone and modular, built-in configurations. This makes it easy, fast and affordable to rollout a chain-wide solution that is custom-fit to each location.

Using Flow-Thru Lockers, a customer is automatically sent a unique code on their mobile device when their order is placed in a locker compartment. The secure compartment holding their order opens automatically when the customer scans their code. After grabbing their order, the customer closes the locker door and can leave without waiting in line. This fast and simple process takes less than 10 seconds—no lines, no waiting, no hassles for customers or QSR staff.

All of this activity is tracked in real-time by the Apex Trajectory Cloud™. This cloud-based platform makes it simple to view mobile order information, including dwell time, compartment availability, order abandonment rates and more. Trajectory Cloud can automatically send reports to management and is easily accessed at any time through a secure online portal or mobile app.

Discover how Flow-Thru locker solutions help restaurant and foodservice brands serve up a frictionless order pick-up experience during the NRA Show at booth 3891 or online at And to follow our coverage of the NRA Show, look for #NRAShow17 across our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

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