Apex’s Self-Serve Automation Brings Proven Efficiencies, Savings To Retail Stores & Supply Chain

by | Jan 15, 2017 | Press Releases, Retail

Apex’s Self-Serve Automation Brings Proven Efficiencies, Savings To Retail Stores & Supply Chain

12 Different IoT-Enabled Devices On Display At NRF

NEW YORK, January 15, 2017 —  Apex Supply Chain Technologies ®unveils its comprehensive offering of automated dispensing technology in booth 853 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF’s) annual convention and expo through January 17, 2017. The Apex Retail line of self-serve automation systems address retailer’s needs from the store level with customer-facing, click & collect technology, through the supply chain with asset management lockers, to improve the customer experience and retail operations.

Improving “Last Inch” Delivery
While much attention has been focused on last mile delivery, Apex customer-facing technology helps retailers, fast-casual, quick serve restaurants and foodservice address the most important step in mobile order and pick-up programs – last inch delivery. Demand for mobile ordering can become a nightmare for customers and retailers unless order pick-up is made fast and simple.

Among Apex’ latest innovations are two-sided, flow-thru locker systems that can be loaded by employees from the rear, without leaving their workstations. Secure order-pick up is at the front of these sleek and attractive, attention-getting devices. This decreases customer lines, allowing employees to serve customers more quickly and efficiently. Employees are more productive and the customer experience is more convenient.

Helping Retail Supply Chain Manage, Track & Control Assets

From the distribution center to the back of the store, Apex devices address an issue many retailers have identified as their biggest operational problem. The traditionally manual processes used to manage handheld scanners, tablet computers and other inventory-tracking devices, result in wasted time searching for properly-charged devices and lost and damaged equipment. This in turn, increases costs and decreases productivity.

Several Apex automated, self-serve locker systems will be on display to show how Apex helps retailers can automate the management of these critical tools and create an audit trail for these processes.

IoT Delivers Store-Level Visibility In Real-Time

All of Apex devices are powered by three different technologies that, working together, enable the benefits of IoT.

Apex SmarterSpaces ® technology tracks every device action. Apex Connect n’ Go technology provides plug and run capabilities, allowing real-time communication with the Apex Trajectory Cloud™ platform. Trajectory Cloud collects and manages all of this data, automatically creating performance reports and alerting managers of status as warranted. Retailers across the enterprise can easily access store-level details through a secure web portal or mobile app. Trajectory’s Business Intelligence and Analytics platform allows retailers to quickly see patterns and trends.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies is the world’s leading provider of automated dispensing systems for use in a variety of applications and industries. Our devices track billions of transactions to help thousands of customers worldwide manage, track and control their inventory and assets. With world headquarters in Mason, Ohio, Apex has offices in Australia, Germany, Latin America and the UK. More information is available at the Apex website.