Make Takeout Easier For You and Your Customers

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Blogs, Restaurant

Girl picking up order

Restaurants operations are being pushed in new directions by customers demanding new options for takeout or to-go, order-ahead and third-party delivery. Sometimes they’re just too busy to sit down and eat. Other times, they’d rather relax and enjoy their meal at home. And occasionally, they just find talking to another human being awkward or annoying (we’re looking at you, Millennials.)


As you probably know, these so-called “limited” service options are actually causing more work behind the scenes, and not just for restaurants. Foodservice operators in universities and hospitals, retail stores and theaters, hotels, stadiums and more are all struggling to manage the added congestion, confusion and lines – while making the most of their pricey associate payroll.


Order pickup…it’s complicated 

Let’s face it, takeout has never been all that efficient. It’s often an awkward relay race, as one employee prepares the order in the back then brings it out front, where another employee grabs the order “baton” to hand it off to the customer. If the customer is delayed, the order might sit behind the counter as an employee calls out the order number repeatedly. Occasionally a customer grabs the wrong order, which really throws things off. It all adds up to wasted steps and wasted minutes for your crew.


But now automation is turning carry out into a growing profit center, providing a great, no-lines order pick-up experience for customers while removing inefficiencies for associates.


Making carryout low-touch for associates, too

Smart, automated solutions like Apex Flow-Thru™ Order Pickup Solutions were specifically designed to eliminate lines for customers, while they reduce steps and handling for employees.


These two-sided lockers are open in the back, so associates quickly load orders without leaving the kitchen or adding to traffic in customer-areas. Color-coded lights show them which compartment to use. Best of all, once that order is loaded, associates don’t have to think about it again. They can just quickly move on to the next order.


Around the front, customers are happy to skip the pickup line. They simply scan their order code, their compartment door opens, and they’re on their way in seconds. Everybody wins (even introverts and Millennials!)


Easy to implement

All Apex Order Pickup Solutions easily integrate with existing infrastructure and systems – including mobile apps, point of sale (POS), kitchen display systems (KDS) and ordering kiosks. And the Apex Cloud technology that makes it all work is highly reliable (a blessing for non-techies), with 99.5% uptime.


The Flow-Thru Solution’s flexible, modular design works well in virtually any foodservice operation, with a choice of countertop, floor models and built-in configurations. This makes it easy, fast and affordable to roll out a chain-wide solution that’s ideal for each location.


And, it gives everyone the low-touch experience they’re looking for. Click here to learn more.