Retail Click & Collect Programs Gain New Level Of Automation, Flexibility With Apex Self-Serve Solutions

by | Jan 16, 2017 | Press Releases, Retail

Retail Click & Collect Programs Gain New Level Of Automation, Flexibility With Apex Self-Serve Solutions

Three Automated Click & Collect Systems

NEW YORK, January 16, 2017 — Three different devices from Apex Supply Chain Technologies® underscore the new level of flexibility retailers have in automating and enhancing click & collect programs.

Handling large and small packages with indoor and outdoor pick-up options, a broad range of click & collect solutions are on display in booth 853 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF’s) annual convention and expo through January 17, 2017.

Research continues to prove that consumers love the convenience of ordering online and picking up their purchases at the store. It saves shipping costs, they get what they want right away and no one needs to be home to receive the parcels. It is also clear that consumers hate waiting in line to pick up their purchases. Automated, self-serve retail click & collect lockers provide an excellent solution to this problem, but the lockers must be flexible enough to accommodate a range of merchandise in a variety of locations.

“Retailers need flexible, modular solutions that can change as quickly as customer expectations,” says Kent Savage, Apex Supply Chain Technologies founder and CEO. “Our range of automated click & collect lockers are informed by our experience deploying more than 100,000 devices. The lineup we are showing at this year’s NRF show allows retailers to configure the right solution for their particular customer environment.”

Intelligent Controlled Spaces Think Outside The Box

Apex Intelligent Controlled Spaces (ICS) allows retailers to create a secured, six feet by eight feet area to fulfill click & collect orders for larger merchandise that won’t fit into a traditional locker compartment. ICS relies on Apex SmarterSpaces® technology and the Apex Trajectory CloudTM platform to automate and track click & collect order pick-up in a secure area. This is a flexible and affordable solution for retailers to enhance or expand their click & collect programs.

AXCESS 6300 Lockers Expand Click & Collect Product Mix

The AXCESS 6300 self-serve locker system offers several different compartment sizes in a single device.  Optimized to handle most products sold by Amazon and other online retailers, Apex 6300 series allows retailers to expand the mix of products they offer for click & collect fulfillment.

AXCESS 6800 Outdoor Lockers Serve Up 24/7 Convenience

These secure, rugged lockers are water-resistant and designed for outdoor placement. They also bring an opportunity to add a curbside pickup to any store or remote site. The lockers can be customized with eye-catching colors and graphics to reinforce a retailer’s brand and to stand out in any location. Retailers can provide 24/7 fulfillment options to customers without adding staff to manage the lockers.

Retail Solutions Are Easy To Install & Implement Powered by Apex Connect n’ Go™ Technology, Retail solutions just need to be plugged into a power supply and connected to the Internet to begin using them.

From there, Trajectory Cloud automatically tracks device activity, providing real-time, store-level information to managers and alerting them to unexpected usage and patterns. Retailers across the enterprise can easily access store-level details through a secure web portal or mobile app. Trajectory’s Business Intelligence and Analytics platform allow retailers to quickly see patterns and trends. To learn more about the Apex Retail line of automated, self-serve lockers, visit To follow our coverage of Retail’s BIG Show, look for #nrf17 across our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies is the world’s leading provider of automated dispensing systems for use in a variety of applications and industries. Our devices track billions of transactions to help thousands of customers worldwide manage, track and control their inventory and assets. With world headquarters in Mason, Ohio, Apex has offices in Australia, Germany, Latin America and the UK. More information is available on the Apex website.